Data is key to your job. It is key to your company. But keeping on top of the data coming in can be overwhelming.

You’ve probably felt like you’d need an economist to get it under control and make all that data work for your department and your organization. With our help, you can harness your data so that it becomes a tool that drives efficient decision-making and transforms your department into a value driver. Our instructors have spent their careers successfully applying rigorous data techniques to complicated challenges. We are experts at not only working with data, but also explaining it in a way that is clear and easy to understand. You have real world data challenges. We have real world experience we are excited to share.

The Edgeworth Approach to Learning

Data is vital. It’s key to your job, your company, and every decision you make. We understand that many online learning platforms are costly or take up too much time in your day. Our classes are focused, to-the-point, and provide you with a suite of skills you can begin to use right away. We offer both in-house team training as well as online eLearning courses to meet the needs of your organization. We partner with organizations and platforms to host our eLearning lessons so that you and your organization can advance your goals in a convenient and simple way. All of our training and courses are taught by our team of PhD economists, Statisticians, and data analytics practitioners who bring real-world experience advising companies on their largest and most complex data issues.

Edgeworth Analytics offers in-house data analytics training that empower teams to leverage sound data analysis in their decision-making. We adapt our popular class to an in-house setting where we can home in on the needs of your organization and your team. Our method of framing problems, reviewing data, and performing analysis gets team members talking about their data challenges and facilitates important conversations about how the team approaches, manages, and uses data. When team members understand the challenges that their processes for data management might pose to others, teams realize better solutions. We also adapt our course content to reflect your current issues, helping teams bridge the divide between the theoretical and the practical. Participants see the concepts that we teach in a format that helps them go back to their desks and immediately apply their new skills.

Our trainings focus on the topics your organization needs including:

 An introduction to data analytics

 Using data to improve business decision making

 Avoiding data pitfalls

 Applications of data analytics for HR, Sales, and other business services

• Communicating data and analytics to executives

• Regression analysis in business

Edgeworth Analytics offers online courses and webinars on a wide variety of data analytics topics, helping you transform your analytics capabilities to advance your professional and personal goals.

Each course is carefully crafted to focus on the practical application of data to a variety of HR, Polling, and business issues. Our team is skilled at explaining highly complicated data and statistical concepts simply and clearly. By the end of our courses you will walk away with a framework to analyze the issues and make more informed decision.

 Webcast: HR Analytics in Uncertain Times: Using Data to Guide Your Path Forward

LinkedIn Learning: Data Analytics for Business Professionals

Udemy: Introduction to Polling

HR Analytics Introductory Course:

This practical course is going to teach you the real-world skills you need to identify, understand, and use data to do your job better as an HR professional.

Learn more and get in touch to schedule your training.

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