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It can be difficult to take the mountain of data most companies are sitting on and find the actionable insights you need. The Edgeworth Data Blueprint is our innovative program to help provide access to a data consultant focused exclusively on your specific problems. This is an opportunity to collaborate with an experienced, trusted data advisor who can help draw out a “blueprint” to a data-driven solution. You bring the business knowledge; we bring the data expertise that has been utilized by Fortune 500 companies around the world.


Our business is big data. We have dedicated our careers to making data-driven solutions intuitive and digestible. The Data Blueprint consultation is a service our corporate clients have been receiving and we are now making available to the public. Our ability to help you is only limited by your questions! We believe that with the right framework and the proper tools you will be able to make the most of your data.


How does it work? The Data Blueprint process is streamlined:

Pre-Meeting Survey  

You explain the nature of the business problem you are facing and how you have tried to solve the problem until this point. Don’t be afraid—it could be that you simply know you have a problem but don’t know what to do next—and that’s okay! Our goal is to gather enough information so our consultants can think about your issue to help craft your blueprint.

Expert Consultation

Our data consultants will review your survey information and prepare to have a one-on-one phone consultation with you. The phone consultation usually lasts about an hour. During the call, you and your advisor work together to provide a strategic, data-driven path forward that addresses your business challenge. 

The Path Forward

After your consultation, you will receive a transcript of your call with our consultant, so you can recall exactly what was discussed. You will also further collaborate on your Data Blueprint document—the written plan formalizing your process going forward.

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