Pandemic Benchmarking Studies

Edgeworth Analytics has been curating data from numerous sources to help employers and their human resource departments better understand the link between the COVID-19 health crisis and the economic decisions that face their business operations.

In this unprecedented pandemic, data is more critical than ever for HR decision making. However, the quantity of data and guidance has also been unprecedented. This has resulted in an extraordinary undertaking facing HR departments: finding the right data sources and selecting the relevant data on which their organization can rely.

HR professionals turn to Edgeworth for customized data reports which allow them to benchmark important aspects of their business against the best available data sources. These data sets include customized content by industry, occupation, worker characteristics, geographic location of the workforce, and other relevant metrics.  

Contact us to discuss how a customized benchmark report could help your organization leverage data to assess risk and proceed wisely as you consider your HR and operations decisions.

Benchmarking Helps Organizations Understand:

Getting Started

Beware of Data Pitfalls

Build Your Risk Profile

Can I Reopen Safely?

Use data to assess:

Understand the risks:

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