Edgeworth Analytics provides economic, statistical, and business driven data analytics consulting for all aspects of your organization.

In even the most successful businesses today, coordinating data across multiple divisions to identify and answer key business questions that reveal areas of growth and reduce exposure is often difficult at best. Our expertise lies in the development of rigorous data analytics based in the realities of your organization.

Our team of PhD economists, MBAs, statisticians, and business analytics professionals work with corporate leaders to use their data to answer fundamental business questions, provide critical insights and targeted recommendations, and improve decision making.

We tailor data solutions to address our clients’ unique data and analytics needs. Our team can work within your data warehousing environment or assist in the implementation of fast, simple, and cost-effective warehousing services, such as Amazon Redshift. For data preparation and cleaning, querying, and advanced statistical analysis, our team has technical proficiency in a variety of tools including SQL, R, Python, SAS, and Stata. To transform your data into business intelligence, we make use of data analytics platform’s such as Tableau to deliver intuitive visual analytics specific to your needs.

The Edgeworth Analytics approach to data analytics focuses on:

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