Survey Analysis

Our team of PhD economists and statisticians bring deep experience answering research questions using large and complex datasets. We help our clients understand survey data, think critically about research results, and use research insights to drive decision making.

Edgeworth experts apply their unmatched data analytics capabilities and years of real-world experience in statistical data analysis to help businesses and organizations better understand the results of customer, member, and market research surveys. We work closely with clients to:

Edgeworth further provides educational resources to individuals and organizations looking to interpret the results of polls and surveys for themselves. Our Introduction to Polling course covers the key skills you need to understand polls, assess strengths and weaknesses, recognize how question format can impact results, and determine the effect of margin of error on your polling results. Our approach to polling is not tied to any particular methodology or any particular result. We teach our clients a framework for analysis so that they can interpret the results for themselves.

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Survey Analysis

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