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Human resource professionals wear many hats. From training and compensation to diversity and inclusion, the challenges and demands on HR departments are ever expanding. And that’s before you factor in the most complex part of all these tasks—managing PEOPLE.

When it comes to big data, we live it. The proven methods used in our consulting and training are based on our unmatched data analytics capabilities and years of real-world experience as PhD economists communicating technical, complicated concepts simply and clearly.

Data analytics are not a replacement for people skills—they are a complement to them. Data can be a powerful tool for an HR manager, but unfortunately, data doesn’t come ready to use, and without a basic understanding of the intuition behind sound data analysis, these tools won’t help you do a better job at managing people.

In our consulting service, our team work closely with clients to deliver key insights and targeted recommendations, while providing a working understanding of sound data analysis long after the project ends. Our teaching program equips HR professionals to become comfortable with data and to better understand their KPIs and dashboards.


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During the 2020 NFL season, the National Football League Players


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