Economic Impact

Our team of PhD economists and statisticians bring deep experience analyzing and measuring economic impacts.

Edgeworth Analytics provides clients with economic impact studies that analyze the direct, indirect, and induced effects of a proposed or existing policy, investment, or regulation on industries, local markets, regional economies, or on the global economy. Edgeworth’s analyses are strongly rooted in economic theory, using thoughtful econometric and statistical modeling, and the application of state-of-the-art methodologies to rigorously analyze costs, benefits, and economic effects.

Our team’s analyses are used by clients to inform and support strategic decisions, and are relied upon by corporate and non-profit stakeholders, policymakers, and government regulators, and have been featured in the media. We bring comprehensive experience in economic impact analysis across a range of industries in both public and private sectors, including retail, human resources, sport & Entertainment, agriculture, immigration, electric, oil & gas, aerospace, trucking and logistics, and science and medical.

Our experts are known for explaining complex, highly technical concepts in a simple and straight-forward manner. We work closely with clients to develop tailored, innovative impact studies in a range of engagements, including:

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Economic Impact

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