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Edgeworth Analytics provides economic, statistical, and data analytics consulting to Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Our professionals work with corporate leaders to identify fundamental questions that can be answered with the available data to foster strategic growth or minimize potential risks in all aspects of running a business, including sales & marketing, human resources, operations, and strategy & finance.


In even the most successful businesses today, coordinating data across multiple divisions to identify and answer key business questions that reveal areas of growth and reduce exposure is often difficult at best. At Edgeworth Analytics, our expertise lies in the development of rigorous data analytics based in the realities of your organization and industry. 

In our consulting service, our team works closely with clients to deliver key insights and targeted recommendations, while providing a working understanding of sound data analysis long after the project ends. Our teaching program equips professionals to become comfortable with data and to better understand their KPIs and dashboards.

Representative Business Analytics Services

Edgeworth Analytics experts provide analytical services to support a breadth of business functions including:

Edgeworth Analytics experts have experience in a wide array of industries including, but not limited to:  

•  Agriculture
•  Automotive
•  Banking & Financial Services
•  Chemicals
•  Consumer Goods
•  Distribution Networks
•  Electronics and Software
•  Energy
•  Government
•  Healthcare
•  Manufacturing
•  Pharmaceuticals
•  Retail
•  Sports
•  Telecommunications
•  Tourism
•  Transportation

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Business Analytics

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