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A recent article published in the Human Resource Executive examines the hurdles involved in bringing employees back to the workplace amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The article, entitled “Reopening Your Workplace? How to Tell Employees” offers guidance for HR professionals to effectively communicate data-driven reopening plans to employees so that they instill trust and confidence in their workforce. 

The article relies on the Edgeworth Analytics framework for making data-driven decisions, and quotes Edgeworth CEO Dr. John Johnson who was interviewed for the publication. According to Dr. Johnson, when communicating with employees about reopening plans, “Explain the thought process backed up by data…Effectively, give them the information and inform them there’s a plan in place that’s partially data-driven. In the event there’s a COVID flare-up, tell them, ‘Here are the steps we’re going to take.’ It’s more about being prepared with your protocol in advance than necessarily daily reporting to give people comfort.” 

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In this unprecedented pandemic, data is more critical than ever for HR decision making. However, the quantity of data and guidance has also been unprecedented. This has resulted in an extraordinary undertaking facing HR departments: finding the right data sources and selecting the relevant data on which organizations can rely.

Our customized pandemic benchmarking reports allow HR Professionals to benchmark important aspects of their business against the best available data sources. These data sets include customized content by industry, occupation, worker characteristics, geographic location of the workforce, and other relevant metrics. 

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We discuss our framework for data analysis in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in a recent Edgeworth Analytics webinar, “HR Analytics in Uncertain Times: Using Data to Guide Your Path Forward.” Edgeworth experts Dr. John Johnson and Chuck Fields walk through strategies to leverage HR analytics to help confront the new realities caused by COVID-19 in the workforce. 

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