Online Course: Data Analytics For Business Professionals

Edgeworth Analytics CEO Dr. John Johnson has released a course titled “Data Analytics for Business Professionals.” In this introductory overview of data analytics, Dr. Johnson teaches leaders and executives how to use analytics to make data-driven decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Topics include:

• Qualitative vs. quantitative data

• Data analytics success stories

• Making predictions

• Asking the right questions

• Collecting data

• Understanding averages

• Sampling: pros and cons

• Forecasting

• Cause and effect

Dr. Johnson delves into examples of real-life analytics in action, explores the differences between predictive and prescriptive analytics, and explains how to formulate questions—a process that can be almost as revealing as finding the answers. He then shows how to collect, clean, and aggregate data from different sources across an organization, and identify when data is flawed. From there, students will learn how to plan and deploy an analytics strategy for a business, starting with a variety of simple techniques: averages, sampling, cherry picking, forecasting, and correlation and causality. Finally, Dr. Johnson closes with resources and next steps to advance students’ analytics knowledge.

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