HR Data Analytics: Introductory Course

Why HR Analytics?

Human resource professionals wear many hats. From training and compensation to diversity and inclusion, the challenges and demands on HR departments are ever expanding. And that’s before you factor in the most complex part of all these tasks—managing PEOPLE.

So where does data analytics fit in? Data analytics are not a replacement for people skills—they are a complement to them. Data can be a powerful tool for an HR manager—but unfortunately, data doesn’t come ready to use.  And, although many people will try to sell you on the latest dashboard, software package, or canned program, without a basic understanding of the intuition behind sound data analysis, these tools won’t help you do a better job at managing people.

The Class

This class is all about the concepts. While there are certain topics that we will explore in more depth, the content of the course is carefully crafted to focus on the practical application of data to HR issues. You won’t need Excel or other analytic software for this course, so you won’t need your computer. Only bring a computer if you use it for taking notes. The course materials are handed out the day of the course in a bound book.

Our Instructors

Each class is led by two Edgeworth data analytics practitioners with deep expertise in economics, statistics, and related disciplines. All of our teachers are skilled in making data analysis accessible and easy to understand. On a day-to-day basis, our instructors can be found providing data analysis to Fortune 500 companies and law firms, where they excel in communicating highly technical, complicated concepts simply and clearly to audiences like corporate leaders, juries, and judges. Meet our team

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“As our ability to gather and analyze ever-increasing amounts of data grows, so too do the opportunities for HR teams to add more value to the organization. This is what makes HR data such an important asset.”
Forbes Magazine
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