From the Data Expert: How Tableau Enables Me to Deliver Better Insights to Clients

As a decade-long user of Tableau, my journey from adoption to mastery has been seamless and rewarding and has allowed me to produce a better product for my clients. Although I have shifted between the non-profit and for-profit worlds over time, the benefit of Tableau in the way it brings data to life has been consistent and has enabled me to share data findings with clients in a way that results in the quick understanding of complex issues. This means that the time required to explain the full picture to clients is reduced and that understanding is both more accessible and more efficient. 

Looking back several years, I remember my days as a “keyboard jockey,” firing away in Excel and Visual Basic to build models and reports. Static reports like these would show part of the picture and often required follow-up with additional answers. By using Tableau to show our data insights, we can drill down into the data with decision-makers in real-time to get them answers on the spot. I also find that by using this tool we are able to aggregate data that previously went unconnected or unused, and show this data to our clients in a new light. Further, I think Tableau gives analysts and developers the tools to strike the balance between finding and presenting “the message” from the data and still giving users the flexibility to explore on their own without creating a free-for-all scenario.

Finally, I really appreciate Tableau’s increased focus over the years on data governance. Data is a powerful tool, but data needs to be maintained to be useful. Tableau has recognized that as they democratize access to data, they also needed to help companies with the best practices for internal and external data collection. Combining this discipline with the many communication attributes of Tableau leads to a very powerful tool that I enjoy using on a daily basis to produce meaningful insights for our clients.


A long-time data junkie and an early adopter of Tableau, Bill enjoys helping business strategists get to the bottom of issues by focusing on clarity and efficiency, so they can quickly move on to solutions.

Through his role leading the business of Edgeworth Analytics, Bill has had the opportunity to work with companies across industries that need help with a plethora of challenges. This wide-ranging yet deep experience serves as a strong foundation as he takes on new data issues for companies that require quick and thoughtful solutions that re-direct and enhance business strategy. He spends his time working closely with company stakeholders to develop insights from their data while also providing them with the training and tools needed to continue their data journey. 

In his prior life, Bill accumulated extensive experience in product development and financial consulting. Bill holds an MBA with a concentration in finance and social enterprise from Yale University.

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Bill Ford


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Bill Ford

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