Employment and Visa Programs

Edgeworth has provided analysis for testimony in court and regulatory proceedings regarding labor issues surrounding both H2A and H2B visas.


  • An Edgeworth analysis relied upon data from a variety of sources to show that businesses in the landscaping and silviculture industries would suffer irreparable harm if new rules issued by the US Department of Labor governing the H2B visa program were implemented. The judge granted the motion for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction, and the Department of Labor was enjoined from enforcing the rules.
  • An Edgeworth expert submitted a report that studied how proposed changes to visa programs for sheep herders would negatively impact ranchers in the Western US.
  • In conjunction with agricultural employers and farm labor officials, an Edgeworth expert presented ideas and recommendations to Senators and their staff in an effort to help craft the 2013 Senate immigration reform bill. Specifically, Edgeworth’s work focused on the reform of agricultural (H2A) visas.


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