Edgeworth CEO Quoted in San Francisco Chronicle Article on CA Unemployment Rate

Edgeworth Analytics CEO Dr. John Johnson was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle in an August 20, 2020 article entitled, “Another 1.1 Million Americans File for Unemployment as Rate Remains Above 10%.”

Dr. Johnson was interviewed by San Francisco Chronicle reporter Chase DiFeliciantonio about the economic impact of the unprecedented number of unemployment insurance filings resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. In the article, which relies on Dr. Johnson’s expertise to make sense of the economic data being reported, states that while “the number of new filings rose 13% across the country last week, unemployment filings have trended down over recent weeks and months. Despite that, there is no clear trend towards recovery despite the patchwork of reopenings across the US, according to John Johnson. ’”

Dr. Johnson is further quoted in the article, which goes on to state “‘there is not a consistent pattern to this economic recovery that has emerged at all,’ Johnson said. He pointed to the inextricable link between reining in the virus and economic normalcy.”

Read the full article here (subscription required).  


Bill Ford


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Bill Ford

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