Edgeworth CEO Quoted in CNBC Article

Edgeworth Analytics CEO Dr. John Johnson was quoted in a CNBC article, entitled “One Gauge is Showing That the Jobs Recovery Probably Continued Into Early June.” The article examines the unanticipated uptick in employment reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in early June, and the benefit in using more current datasets to gauge a more immediate picture of the economy.     

According to Dr. Johnson, because the jobs reports from the US Department of Labor reflect data from the middle of the preceding month, this puts current datasets at a premium during economic crises.

Dr. Johnson was quoted in the article, stating “We are all desperate for immediate information because the situation is so extreme. But the other point is when you’re in such an extreme situation, you can have pretty wide swings that appear to be unexpected, but some of it is just we’re in such uncharted territory that it’s hard to kind of know.”

Read the full article here. 


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