Edgeworth Analytics Expands Capabilities Through Tableau Partnership

Edgeworth Analytics is excited to announce a new partnership with Tableau, a visual analytics platform that transforms data to help businesses solve problems. This partnership enables us to utilize our strong foundation in combining economics and data analytics to create meaningful insights, while employing the state-of-the-art visualization resources of Tableau to demonstrate business realities in a straight-forward, actionable way.

Since the inception of our founding business in 2009, our highly skilled data experts have been enabling companies to demystify data by identifying problems and framing solutions in a context that takes business realities into account. Through our partnership with Tableau, we are able to tap into our extensive knowledge base and share insights clearly and effectively, ultimately helping business leaders make better strategic decisions for the future.

"This new partnership with Tableau allows us to enhance the way we present our findings to company leaders – leading to faster understanding of business problems and the development of timely solutions that can turn things around."

Hear from some of our Edgeworth Analytics data experts who combine data, business know-how and Tableau visualizations to help companies make better decisions.

“I have always enjoyed combining economics and statistics and enjoy using Tableau to create visualizations of our data analysis for our clients. Tableau helps me show the outcomes of our work to business leaders in a clear, meaningful way that enables them to make the right decisions for their business.”


Bill Ford


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Bill Ford

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