Edgeworth Analytics Economist Quoted in Axios Article on July 2020 Jobs Report

Edgeworth Analytics economist Dr. Stephen Bronars was quoted in a September 10, 2020 article published in Axios, entitled “Data Shows 1 Million Fewer Jobs Added in July than Jobs Report.”

The July JOLTS report released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that while US employers hired more that in any month in history, the labor market is still severely weakened from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Bronars was quoted in the article, stating “You’re seeing a rebound that’s been stronger than anything we’ve seen historically but we’ve never been trying to dig out of hole quite this deep.” Dr. Bronars continues, “Rather than looking at year-over-year comparisons, you have to look at how many jobs have been lost and how many of those have come back.”

To read the full article on Axios, click here.


Stephen G. Bronars, PhD


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Stephen G. Bronars, PhD

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