Coronavirus Impact Study: New York City

After being the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States in the early days of the pandemic, overall case growth in New York City has remained low in all boroughs since the start of the City’s phased reopening in June. New York City is currently in Phase 4 of it’s reopening strategy.

Update for the week: (December 6, 2020):

  • New York’s recent surge in COVID-19 cases remains smaller than the surges seen in the Midwest as well as New York’s earlier outbreak in March and April. However, cases have steadily increased over the past week. The below map shows the three zip codes with the most new cases in the past 14 days: 10314 (Bloomfield/Freshkills Park neighborhood in Staten Island), 10306 (New Dorp neighborhood in Staten Island), and 11223 (Gravesend neighborhood in Brooklyn) with 625, 527, and 510 new confirmed cases respectively.

  • The NYC Department of Health’s testing dashboard also shows that these three zip codes have some of the highest 7-day test positivity rates in the city with 9.0%, 10.6%, and 11.4% positivity rates respectively. For the first time since the pandemic started, the outbreak has become more concentrated in Staten Island relative to the rest of the city. Three of the ten zip codes with the most confirmed cases in the past 14 days are in Staten Island. Staten Island is also one of the least densely populated parts of the city.

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