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State-by-State Continuing Unemployment Insurance (Weekly Update)

Posted on by Andrew Ruvkun

As a result of the pandemic and resulting economic slowdown, increased attention has been paid to the Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims report produced by the Department of Labor. As we […]

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Coronavirus Impact Study: Maryland

Posted on by Bill Ford

At the start of the pandemic, cases of coronavirus were largely centered in Baltimore and quickly moved through congregate housing facilities. After a lull in cases over the summer and […]

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Coronavirus Impact Study: New York City

After being the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States in the early days of the pandemic, overall case growth in New York City has remained low in […]

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Coronavirus Impact Study: Political Leaning and COVID Cases by State

Update for the week (November 9, 2020): When we first started this analysis in September, one inference from this graph series was that states on the Republican side of the […]

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Coronavirus Impact Study: Illinois

Our Illinois COVID-19 Dashboard combines demographic information from the 2018 American Community Survey along with data from the US Department of Agriculture Food Access Research Atlas with the number of COVID-19 reported cases from the Illinois Department of Health. ⁣

The data can show us the relationship between a zip code’s demographics as well as access to adequate grocery stores and a zip code’s COVID-19 reported case count. ⁣

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