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HR Data Analytics: Introductory Course

Why HR Analytics? Human resource professionals wear many hats. From training and compensation to diversity and inclusion, the challenges and demands on HR departments are ever expanding. And that’s before […]

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Online Course: Data Analytics For Business Professionals

Edgeworth Analytics CEO Dr. John Johnson has released a course titled “Data Analytics for Business Professionals.” In this introductory overview of data analytics, Dr. Johnson teaches leaders and executives how […]

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Webcast: HR Analytics in Uncertain Times: Using Data to Guide Your Path Forward

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented public health and economic crisis. 100 days in, and we still have a lot to learn about how we can safely and successfully navigate […]

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Edgeworth Analytics Releases Introduction to Polling Course

Edgeworth Analytics has released a course on polling entitled “Introduction to Polling–A Guide to the 2020 Election.” This introductory overview of polling is designed to help consumers of news and […]

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Online Course: Introduction to Polling

As the 2020 election season shifts into high gear, the media will begin to cover every second of the horse race. Throughout this process, both the media and voters alike […]

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