Through consulting and education, Edgeworth Analytics empowers professionals and organizations to unlock data’s potential. Data is the lifeblood of every organization. But the amount and complexity of data grows every day. Using proven methods for gathering, structuring, analyzing, and applying data, we help companies transform their data from a source of anxiety to a consistent driver of stronger operational and competitive performance. Our unique approach to data analytics consulting is rooted in the expertise and real-world experience of our sister company Edgeworth Economics, a firm of PhD economists who rigorously apply economic principles and hard data to high-stakes litigation, regulatory, and other challenges.

Edgeworth Analytics makes data analysis accessible and easy to understand for practitioners across a range of business services—including human resources, sales, operations, strategy, and finance—as well as for those looking to better understand the effects of a proposed or existing policy, investment, or regulation on industries, local markets, regional economies or the global economy. In our consulting service, our team works closely with clients to deliver key insights and targeted recommendations, while providing a working understanding of sound data analysis long after the project ends. Our teaching program equips professionals to become comfortable with data and to better understand their KPIs and dashboards.

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